Saturday, June 7, 2014

One little thing makes for a huge change!

On Friday night Poppa, Momma & our good friend Tammy drove out to the Valley for dinner & they were kind enough to take pictures for us as well. I hadn't seen pictures in two weeks, so I was pleased to see the sheetrock & electrical outlets.  With that sheetrock in place it really is starting to look like a house with rooms!  Also, look how light filled it is, I LOVE that!
Come on August!!!

Looking out the front window

part of the kitchen

looking down into the family room

Looking into the backyard from the library/Nick's office

south-facing windows in the master bedroom, 
the windows will flank the beautiful bed that Nick made us last summer
(as seen below)

(isn't it lovely?!)

the view from the back window of the master

my laundry room!

LOVE this fireplace, can't wait to sit in front of it

view from the family room looking out (front of house) 

more backyard

ducting & maybe part of the heat recovery ventilation system?

Calijah hanging out by the sliding glass door  =)
(Rosie is going to walk in the house & know Calijah was all over it.  She might be a little upset, but Calijah knows that it is merely payback for Rosie playing with Calijah's chew toys...)

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