Sunday, June 29, 2014

Getting closer!

This week's report will be short & sweet.  There aren't any pictures this week & any future pictures will likely be through the window (which is actually a good thing).
Momma, Poppa & our friends Randy & Trisha drove out Friday night & discovered the house is totally secured.   Earlier on it was wide open & then as it progressed you could enter through the garage, until they put the garage doors on.   We were then able to get through the front door, but now the house is progressed enough that they are fully locking it up each night.
Mom forgot her camera, but she reports that the crown molding is up, the walls are painted & the heat registers are in (forced air).  Also the apron was in place for them to pour the driveway.  The next steps may be the cabinets (including the island) & the flooring!
It really is getting a LOT closer!!!

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