Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Selection week

When we first chose to build with Hall we met with them & they laid out a basic timeline for us.  The starting point for the construction beginning would depend on much much the ground was frozen & when it would begin to thaw.  We knew we would need to come back & choose all of the finishings for the house over a weekend since making the choices from Fairbanks isn't an option.  When we got down to Wasilla for the selection week we decided to do a quick drive-by of the property.  We thought maybe they would've moved a tree or two, but we drove up and lo & behold...

The view that awaited us on Wednesday

We couldn't believe that the foundation was in!  They two guys there were compacting the dirt in preparation for the concrete pour.
We went back on Friday with my Mom & Dad and were surprised to see even more progress!

view from the living space looking towards the garage

The downstairs living space of the tri-level, along the back are a bathroom, library & laundry room

Pop checking out the fireplace nook

the gas fireplace in the family room

the walkway to our front porch

the backyard

the lower level, including the crawlspace area

Pop pointing out the built in grade in the garage floor for drainage

standing in our garage  

in front of our house-to-be!

The time has come...

It's finally happening.  Nick & I are moving to the Valley & building a house!
We are building just outside of Wasilla, AK with Hall Quality Homes, this will be our first house. With so many friends & family members living outside, we thought this would be a good way to catalog the build & keep people apprised of the progress. It will be mainly a picture blog, that way I won't be taking over your Facebook wall with pictures.  =)