Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm a fan of electricity

Mom & Dad drove back out this weekend, Calijah is LOVING that she is getting all of these long car rides!  It looks like the week was spent putting in the electrical, working on plumbing & ducting as well.  The estimated finish date has been bumped up to where we all though it might, but it isn't set in concrete, in case there are any issues that pop up.  Honestly, we just can't wait until it's done!!!

Mom & Calijah up on the front porch
(not the real front door)

 living room & garage

looking into the library doorway 
(makes it worth packing all of those books this weekend!)

my sewing/craft room, look at all those receptacle boxes!

the gas fireplace!!!

 Mom & Pop parked out front

the house, looking from the south (ish)

(Thanks to Jimmy Perry for emailing the pics!)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Electrical walk-through? Check!

Nick, Rosie & I drove down Friday night & arrived (too) EARLY Saturday morning.  While the drive was beautiful (we saw moose, black bear & porcupines), it was exhausting & we felt like zombies all weekend... =/  Saturday though we did drive out to the house & that was exciting.  It's so cool to get to see this come together just how we want it to!  We spent about a half hour just wandering through & getting our bearings.

Again, we think it's beautiful.  =)

We completed the electrical walk-through, so now they can start roughing in the wiring.  We discussed where the electrical outlets & phone/tv/cable wiring would go as well as where the lighting fixtures would be installed.  The plumbing is already roughed in, so both of those will be completed in the next few weeks.  While we were there, people showed up with the heating duct work & the garage heater had already been installed.

It was REALLY great to walk around the house & actually see the room sizes & figure the furniture layout.  We were wishing that it was all done & that we could stay!

the library / Nick's office

the fireplace in the family/tv room 
(a picture of the mantel is towards the bottom) 

the master 
(southeast corner of the house)

looking through the trusses that shape our vaulted living room

looking out the back slider

 I love the big front window!

looking southward to the sun in our backyard

this is going to be the fireplace mantel, it's an absolutely beautiful piece!

the darker, charcoal-y blue you see on the shakes will be our house color, 
then the trim & all doors will be white

Thats all of the pictures for this trip, hopefully my parents are willing to drive out the next few weekends, as we aren't sure when we need to come back down.  The builder isn't ready to update the closing date yet, but...  IF we had to guess, barring any problems, issues, snafus or uh-ohs - we would say maybe it will be truly ours in mid-August???  Again, just a guess, but they seem to be moving along on it at a very good speed.  So, I guess we will all just wait & see!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Poppa's Saturday drive

OOHHHHH. My. Goodness!!! While I admit that I'm HUGELY biased, still... It's kind of an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL house!  Nick & I are both so excited to walk through ourselves, it's almost unreal.
Since Mom is in Texas, Poppa drove out, took pictures, took them to WalMart to get them put on a disk & THEN went to Kinko's to have them emailed to me.  He went to all that trouble to get these & I couldn't appreciate it more, he's such a sweetie!
So, check it out, can you believe it???   =D  It's so awesome!!!!!

See?  It's a house! Lol!!

Back of house




It's turning into a beautiful place!  <3
Seriously, SO EXCITED.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

and after all that...

I had a hard time finding the right light fixture for over the dining room table.  We found everything else at Brown's, but they had nothing in stock that was just right for that spot.  So, I went online & found the perfect one.  It costs a mint to ship it here, but it's free to ship in the lower 48, soooo it's going to my sister-in-law Heather & Nick's parents will bring it to AK in their motorhome.  Perfect yes?

I love this one so I couldn't be more thrilled.  A big thanks our Sanders family for helping out!  

I really think this whole thing is going to be just awesome...  

So, Mom & Pop took a little trip to Wasilla...

With the exception of during Mom's trip to Texas, it sounds like this will be a regular thing.  This is awesome for us as we can keep updated on the progress & look at all the pictures!  Mom & her computer have a love/hate relationship, so she took her camera's SD card to our realtor Judy Lamb. Conveniently, Judy is also a good family friend besides being a great realtor, so she happily got the pictures off Mom's camera & emailed them to me.
Mom called to warn me I'd be shocked, and she wasn't kidding, Hall Homes isn't messing around!! Dad inspected around a bit & said the workmanship was great.

Side note:  Can I just say how thrilled I am that this ENTIRE experience TO DATE has been BEYOND positive!!! At this point I can't complement Hall Quality Homes, Judy Lamb Realty & Ian Fryer at Residential Mortgage enough!

So anyway, I present the pictures!  There's a lot, I just couldn't help it...  This is the ground level & the bottom portion of the two-story part.  I'm so excited!!!

Dad & Calijah at our front door 

Dad & Calijah at the door from the house, to the garage

the front downstairs windows, they go into the family room

front door & front window

front of house

back of house

Dad & Calijah hanging out behind the garage

back of garage

garage looking into house

views of the house from the street

Calijah is just happy that she got to go for a nice car ride!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What we've chosen so far-

The beautiful couch!

the brownish-gray is the couch itself, the blue & striped fabrics are pillows

(picture is a bit yellowy)
the linoleum is up top, the tile choices (Mine & Mom's project) are to the right,
the block of wood in 'Tundra' is the cabinets, the chip on top is the countertop, you can sort of see the paint choices & then there is the coffee carpet & the fabric Mom recovered my dining room chair cushions in.

the tile around the fireplace & a better view of the carpet color

the carpet & a close up of the tile & paint

the front door (picture it in white)

The plans!