Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm a fan of electricity

Mom & Dad drove back out this weekend, Calijah is LOVING that she is getting all of these long car rides!  It looks like the week was spent putting in the electrical, working on plumbing & ducting as well.  The estimated finish date has been bumped up to where we all though it might, but it isn't set in concrete, in case there are any issues that pop up.  Honestly, we just can't wait until it's done!!!

Mom & Calijah up on the front porch
(not the real front door)

 living room & garage

looking into the library doorway 
(makes it worth packing all of those books this weekend!)

my sewing/craft room, look at all those receptacle boxes!

the gas fireplace!!!

 Mom & Pop parked out front

the house, looking from the south (ish)

(Thanks to Jimmy Perry for emailing the pics!)

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