Saturday, May 10, 2014

Poppa's Saturday drive

OOHHHHH. My. Goodness!!! While I admit that I'm HUGELY biased, still... It's kind of an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL house!  Nick & I are both so excited to walk through ourselves, it's almost unreal.
Since Mom is in Texas, Poppa drove out, took pictures, took them to WalMart to get them put on a disk & THEN went to Kinko's to have them emailed to me.  He went to all that trouble to get these & I couldn't appreciate it more, he's such a sweetie!
So, check it out, can you believe it???   =D  It's so awesome!!!!!

See?  It's a house! Lol!!

Back of house




It's turning into a beautiful place!  <3
Seriously, SO EXCITED.

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