Saturday, May 3, 2014

So, Mom & Pop took a little trip to Wasilla...

With the exception of during Mom's trip to Texas, it sounds like this will be a regular thing.  This is awesome for us as we can keep updated on the progress & look at all the pictures!  Mom & her computer have a love/hate relationship, so she took her camera's SD card to our realtor Judy Lamb. Conveniently, Judy is also a good family friend besides being a great realtor, so she happily got the pictures off Mom's camera & emailed them to me.
Mom called to warn me I'd be shocked, and she wasn't kidding, Hall Homes isn't messing around!! Dad inspected around a bit & said the workmanship was great.

Side note:  Can I just say how thrilled I am that this ENTIRE experience TO DATE has been BEYOND positive!!! At this point I can't complement Hall Quality Homes, Judy Lamb Realty & Ian Fryer at Residential Mortgage enough!

So anyway, I present the pictures!  There's a lot, I just couldn't help it...  This is the ground level & the bottom portion of the two-story part.  I'm so excited!!!

Dad & Calijah at our front door 

Dad & Calijah at the door from the house, to the garage

the front downstairs windows, they go into the family room

front door & front window

front of house

back of house

Dad & Calijah hanging out behind the garage

back of garage

garage looking into house

views of the house from the street

Calijah is just happy that she got to go for a nice car ride!

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