Sunday, June 29, 2014

Getting closer!

This week's report will be short & sweet.  There aren't any pictures this week & any future pictures will likely be through the window (which is actually a good thing).
Momma, Poppa & our friends Randy & Trisha drove out Friday night & discovered the house is totally secured.   Earlier on it was wide open & then as it progressed you could enter through the garage, until they put the garage doors on.   We were then able to get through the front door, but now the house is progressed enough that they are fully locking it up each night.
Mom forgot her camera, but she reports that the crown molding is up, the walls are painted & the heat registers are in (forced air).  Also the apron was in place for them to pour the driveway.  The next steps may be the cabinets (including the island) & the flooring!
It really is getting a LOT closer!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Texture, front door, baseboards & trim, oh my!

Warning: picture heavy post!
We did a bomb run down to ANC to A. check the house & B. show Nick's (newly arrived) parents the house.  The pictures were taken over two days, it was sunny & beautiful when we took Tom & Debbie & then POURING when we stopped back by to take some measurements.  What strikes me is how much light fills the house, even on the gray & dreary day,  LOVE a light-filled house!  <3

my beautiful front door

standing where the table will be, looking to the front

the kitchen area & Rosie's back end

 tv/fireplace nook

 family room windows

Rosie always looks for a sunbeam 

the windowsill shelves & built in shelf (from the foundation) 
along the front family room wall 

library / office

laundry room

looking to the ground floor from the daylight basement

shelves in the upstairs linen closet

the southern windows in the master that will flank the bed.

en suite with window

close-up of the texture & the detail of the sill shelves

fish eye view of the back

front porch

Tom & Debbie on the front porch

Rosie getting acquainted with the driveway (it will be black-topped)


north side

south side

Just love those birch & aspen...  We'll have crown molding installed next week!  =)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mudding & taping

Mom & Dad have some long-time friends of ours up visiting and they are this week's special guests on the weekly house tour.  They all went out to the Valley last night & took the pictures for Nick & I.  As we guessed, this week was all about mudding & taping, I'm hoping next time there will be paint on the walls & then cabinets & then flooring & then...  Well, there aren't too many things left on the checklist!!

the other end of the family room

library / Nick's office 

laundry room

where the ceiling fan in the master will be

all the corners are rounded

craft room

guest room

love the back slider!

living room 


I seriously love this window

have I mentioned that I love it?

I really do...

Randy & Trisha on the front porch. So happy they are here, it's been way too long!

Poppa & Randy 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

One little thing makes for a huge change!

On Friday night Poppa, Momma & our good friend Tammy drove out to the Valley for dinner & they were kind enough to take pictures for us as well. I hadn't seen pictures in two weeks, so I was pleased to see the sheetrock & electrical outlets.  With that sheetrock in place it really is starting to look like a house with rooms!  Also, look how light filled it is, I LOVE that!
Come on August!!!

Looking out the front window

part of the kitchen

looking down into the family room

Looking into the backyard from the library/Nick's office

south-facing windows in the master bedroom, 
the windows will flank the beautiful bed that Nick made us last summer
(as seen below)

(isn't it lovely?!)

the view from the back window of the master

my laundry room!

LOVE this fireplace, can't wait to sit in front of it

view from the family room looking out (front of house) 

more backyard

ducting & maybe part of the heat recovery ventilation system?

Calijah hanging out by the sliding glass door  =)
(Rosie is going to walk in the house & know Calijah was all over it.  She might be a little upset, but Calijah knows that it is merely payback for Rosie playing with Calijah's chew toys...)