Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mudding & taping

Mom & Dad have some long-time friends of ours up visiting and they are this week's special guests on the weekly house tour.  They all went out to the Valley last night & took the pictures for Nick & I.  As we guessed, this week was all about mudding & taping, I'm hoping next time there will be paint on the walls & then cabinets & then flooring & then...  Well, there aren't too many things left on the checklist!!

the other end of the family room

library / Nick's office 

laundry room

where the ceiling fan in the master will be

all the corners are rounded

craft room

guest room

love the back slider!

living room 


I seriously love this window

have I mentioned that I love it?

I really do...

Randy & Trisha on the front porch. So happy they are here, it's been way too long!

Poppa & Randy 

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