Sunday, June 22, 2014

Texture, front door, baseboards & trim, oh my!

Warning: picture heavy post!
We did a bomb run down to ANC to A. check the house & B. show Nick's (newly arrived) parents the house.  The pictures were taken over two days, it was sunny & beautiful when we took Tom & Debbie & then POURING when we stopped back by to take some measurements.  What strikes me is how much light fills the house, even on the gray & dreary day,  LOVE a light-filled house!  <3

my beautiful front door

standing where the table will be, looking to the front

the kitchen area & Rosie's back end

 tv/fireplace nook

 family room windows

Rosie always looks for a sunbeam 

the windowsill shelves & built in shelf (from the foundation) 
along the front family room wall 

library / office

laundry room

looking to the ground floor from the daylight basement

shelves in the upstairs linen closet

the southern windows in the master that will flank the bed.

en suite with window

close-up of the texture & the detail of the sill shelves

fish eye view of the back

front porch

Tom & Debbie on the front porch

Rosie getting acquainted with the driveway (it will be black-topped)


north side

south side

Just love those birch & aspen...  We'll have crown molding installed next week!  =)

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