Sunday, July 20, 2014


Eek!  It is getting so close!!!  We won't be able to go inside until the 8th, but we still enjoy peeking through the windows.  The carpet will start going in on Monday & there are a few fixtures here & there, plus they need to stain the floor of the porch & the back porch.  Still, that's not much!!!

Warning, I took a fair amount of pictures...  =D

Nick posing with our beautiful new fridge!

I can't WAIT to use this fridge!!

the ice is in-door & the other door has tons of storage plus you can barely see the large 
bottom crisper door too.

I don't have pictures of the washer & dryer, (we didn't decide on them until driving away) but they're pretty awesome as well.  The laundry room of my dreams, lol!!!

So yeah, COLOR!  I know right??!!  I have to admit, I almost cried.  
I think it's just beautiful!  <3 

you can see the counters a bit better here

kitchen & bathroom flooring


utility sink in the laundry

downstairs bathroom

LOVE our front door!

random picture of the gas fireplace enclosure, but it shows a better representation of the color.
In some pictures it looks gray, but it's actually a dark charcoal-y blue




I love this.  The white really pops against the blue & the blue is dark enough to be a great neutral!
I can already picture the riotous colors of peonies in front of the porch!

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